tmpl_builderIf you are developing a template for Joomla, this utility makes your life easier. Tmpl_builderautomatically generates the xml-file (templateDetails.xml) for your project (template). Tmpl_builder will add a list of project's files will generate the language files and will do monotonous work.

You should copy the Tmpl_builder to the directory of your template (the place where the index.php) and run it on your local test server. If you have already created the templateDetails.xml-file the tmpl_builder edits it.

Download tmpl_builder

Tmpl_builder is creator of the templateDetals.xml-file



To automatically create the XML-file you should place the "tmpl_builder.php" in the directory of your project (next to the maintemplate file "index.php").

Run the tmpl_builder. (type: http://localhost/tmpl_builder.php in the address bar)

And fill out the fields "Name", "Version" etc. and press button "Submit". The tmpl_builder creates the file templateDetals.xml

If you already have the templateDetals.xml the tmpl_builder will edit it.